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Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit

Colin Devenish

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1999 was quite a year for Limp Bizkit. Their album, "Significant Other," sat atop the Billboard album charts. Rolling Stone hailed them as the lone band that "redefined late-Nineties hard rock." Their Woodstock '99 set is routinely referred to as the hottest moment of the three day concert. All in all, things are definitely happening for this most unique group. Combining rap, metal and the angst filled sentiment of punk rock, Limp Bizkit are the poster-boys for millenium madness.

Noted music journalist Colin Devenish goes beyond the chart topping numbers and concert grosses to examine what has turned this rough and tumble bunch from Jacksonville,Florida into the hottest group on the charts.

Colin Devenish is a San Francisco based music journalist. He writes about music for Addicted to Noise/, BAM, Livedaily, Music365,, and


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