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David Wyn Jones

Oxford University Press, USA
540 pages
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In his lifetime, Joseph Haydn enjoyed huge popularity throughout Europe. As a composer of symphonies, quartets, masses, and oratorios he was readily acknowledged by Mozart, Beethoven, and others as a commanding figure. He is one of the founding fathers of classical music, yet only in the last 50 years have his works become available in reliable editions, and much biographical detail has come to light at the same time. Meanwhile his music is more popular today than it has been at any time since his death. This detailed, scholarly, and lively Companion offers insight into the life, times, and music of one of the great composers of the Classical era.
Library Journal

This encyclopedia on Haydn's life, works, and influence could provide the basis for a Hollywood biopic on the composer, whose music-along with Mozart's and Beethoven's-defines an era. Jones (music, Univ. of Wales) presents more than 900 authoritative, accessible articles by 41 contributors on the surroundings (Eszterh za, Vienna), people (family, teachers, composers, performers, patrons), in-the-air ideas (Josephinism, Freemasonry), and musical genres (mass, quartet, symphony) that informed the composer, along with entries on his compositions and the long-range influence of his inventions (on everything from Brahms to the name of a pastry). Within an article, a word may be printed in small capital letters, indicating that it has a separate entry. Two useful appendixes list Haydn's works (with nicknames-Surprise!-and a key to how the works are listed in New Grove) and give text incipits to vocal works cross-referenced to the Hoboken catalog. Though an index would have been preferable, a "Thematic Overview" helps locate entries of like nature, e.g., "Catalogues, Diaries and Iconography" (five entries), "Structures and Style [of Haydn's music]" (ten entries), and "Performers" (53 entries). The front matter also includes family trees and a map of Haydn's world. Formatted much like the first entry in this series (on Bach), this is indeed the first encyclopedia on the composer, and it is highly recommended for all devotees of Western concert music and their libraries.-Bonnie Jo Dopp, Univ. of Maryland Libs., College Park Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.


David Wyn Jones is Lecturer in Music at the University of Wales, Cardiff and co-editor of the Haydn Yearbook.

University of Wales Cardiff


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